04 April, 2010

Have a truly blessed Easter!

Easter was quite a lot of fun while growing up. We'd get hot cross buns for Good Friday and Easter eggs for Easter Sunday and we'd get to open them only on Easter to see what chocolates were inside them. I used to eat the crosses off the hot cross buns because that was the only part I liked.
I never did see the point of the Easter bunny - thankfully, our family didn't pay much attention to him.
Since this comic particularly likes it when bunnies get whacked, I thought what better subject for this day than the Easter bunny himself.
Many Easter traditions may have pagan roots, but it's a time of remembrance of something far more important. It definitely is to me. And it makes more sense than some creepy bunny hopping about hiding/distributing eggs.

I bought some chocolate eggs  - I need to go see what kinds of candy they have inside.
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