31 March, 2010

Good things come to those who don't wait

We have one of those exercise ball things in our house. It's become part of the furniture - we use it mostly for sitting. And that's all. I think it would be great if we simply bounced up and down on these and got fit.
Anyway, this particular scene happened frame for frame at a dinner party. One friend was sitting on my bouncy ball chair (okay fine, my sister's bouncy ball chair) and another friend mentioned that she was waiting to see if she'd fall off. I said that sometimes we mustn't wait to have good things happen to us. And I pushed the ball. I did get beaten up. I couldn't believe how strong my friend is. I guess those bouncy exercise balls really do work!
I've always liked horses and was wondering if I should ever have a horse character. In no way do I mean that my friend is horse-ish or horsey faced.

ps - If you're wondering why the human is like a half complete bust, it's because I got bored and couldn't be bothered to finish. 
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