There are so many awesome individuals and organisations out there fighting to save our sharks. It's amazing to see the passion and determination in them. I have the honor and privilege to have done some work for a few of them and hope to do more. Please visit these sites - support is always welcome.

The Justice League for Sharks:

Lateral Line Shark Expeditions - Facebook / Instagram
Pangea Sea
Shark Defenders
Fear Ignorance Not Sharks (FINS)
Fin Fighters
Sea Save
Project Aware
Shark Guardians - Facebook / Twitter
Save the sharks of the sea
Shark Water
United Conservationists
Shark Trust
Bite Back
Shark Project
Oceans Research
Stop Shark Finning
Save our sharks!
Shark Angels
Shark Savers
Save our seas
Sea Shepherd
Shark Alliance
The Global Shark Conservation Initiative
Asian Shark Conservation
Stop Killing Our Sharks
Stop Shark Fishing
Shark Tsunami (UK)

I'll keep adding to this (email me if you have an anti-finning campaign that you'd like me to add here). If you'd like me to add more info and/or additional campaign links, please email me.
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