The Shark

Companion. Conscience. Pain in the butt. 
Not quite the sort that fulfills a destiny of "perfectly designed killing machine".
Seemingly survives out of water. Quite full of itself, picky, likes to smack things especially if they're adorable things.

The Human

Wonders what she ever did to constantly have a stupid shark follow her around and demand attention. And taunt the singlehood situation.
Perhaps if she liked seafood The Shark might be a little less annoying around her.

Dopey-heart/ Ever-annoyingly-cheerful carebear

Have you ever been around a person who's always tra-la-la-la happy and chirpy? If you have and don't find it annoying, you're probably just as annoying. It is a theory that these persons are secretly evil.

The Mouse

An odd sort of creature that lurks and scurries around the background saying strange things.
Seemingly grossed out by anything sentimental/emotional/mushy.

Emo Cat

I will ask the Emo Cat to fill this out so that I don't get mauled and scratched up if I say something disagreeable.


Was created as a result of mad science experiments by the Shark. It's supposed to be a blend of an armadillo, a cockatoo and a fish.

This creature is also an excellent cook.


A  random rodent who likes to hang around when it is bored.


Occasional guest stars in roles for which they are of most use - getting smacked by sharks. No, not "poor bunny".

The Porcupine

There were actually two people on which the porcupine character is based. So, I suppose there are actually two different porcupines. One keeps pestering me to attend blogger meets. The other gets all philosophical about..everything.

Supposedly from Canada. Likes to poke things. Sometimes mistaken for being all grown-up and wisdomous.
More characters to be added soon.
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