18 October, 2023


 It was World Food Day a couple of days ago. This year's focus is water as an important resource for food production. We take a lot of it for granted - whether it is water or food. Even in a country like India where a huge part of the population goes hungry every day, those who are blessed with plenty tend to forget that we need to ensure everyone gets to eat. After all, food is one of the great pleasures of life - something we need as well as want. It could be a big unifying force in this broken world. If only we all took the time to have a meal with people. My extended family can talk about food A LOT - and it does seem like we often live to eat.

Which is why it surprised me that I hardly had any posts about food. I have 3 old ones - all done during covid-19. So I suddenly decided to do one with food from my part of the world. When people abroad think Indian food, unfortunately most of them only seem to know "naan bread" and "chicken tikka masala" or "curry" and "biryani". South Indian food is in a league of its own. South Indian breakfast is comfort food. Sambar is life. I wanted to do a bunch of my favourites from these regions - like parotta and beef, idiyappam, etc but finally decided on a simple idli dosa vada combo.

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