29 November, 2020

Advent Calendar 2020 - Sharks of hope!

 What a year this has been. Like, it wouldn't surprise us if an asteroid was heading our way or a zombie apocalypse happened right now. Which is why I wanted to end this year on a hopeful note. I didn't want to give in to those annoying feelings that made me question my sanity or purpose. We could all use some extra joy and hope this year.  

As the advent season begins, I thought this would be a good day to kick off the countdown to the day of all hopeful days. 

We never had those fun advent calendars kids these days have - a little lego or candy a day. It's nice to have something to look forward to. A Shark advent calendar is just what I needed to give me something to look forward to - at least for the next four weeks. 

This year, I wanted to include a few Tropical themed Christmas scenes as well because many of us live in places that don't get snow or have cold winters (and yet our Christmas decor is all about reindeer and snowflakes). 

Here's to a hope-filled season ahead.

Day 1, 29th November 2020: Christmas time at the beach

Day 2, 30th November 2020: 
Shark in a Christmas Stocking

Day 3, December 1st 2020: Sleigh ride 

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