09 April, 2010

When care bears go bad

When we visited Scotland and England, we'd pass gorgeous countryside areas ever so often. It might seem similar after a while but I never tire of it. It's truly a shame that we don't have meadows here. Anyway, most of these meadows were dotted with sheep which adds a charm to the greenery. Little white fluff balls here and there. My sister made this random statement when we saw a bunch of them that she wanted to go near a sheep and "squueeeeeze" it. I guess because they look like little fuzz balls with silly expressions on their faces. Also, every sunshine and happiness filled person will need to return to normal eventually. And I suppose they act out in strange ways. We must be tolerant.
Then we had an opportunity to actually be in close proximity to some sheep. All of a sudden they didn't seem like small little fuzz balls that would stand there helplessly while you tried to "hug" it. In fact, they were quite big, not so cotton-y and they liked charging at you every now and then. The only thing that was as expected was their stupid expressions.
Yes, I know my sheep's legs look ridiculous and also that it probably looks like the bear's trying to lift it rather than squeeze it.
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