02 June, 2020

Sharktivity #25: Pray

I’ve been finding it a bit hard to draw something fun or lighthearted in the midst of all that the world is going through. The injustices all around us are growing and it is heartbreaking. From #blacklivesmatter in America to the migrant worker deaths in India to rise of fascist forces everywhere and a virus to top things off, things seem bleak. So I thought this is as good a time as any, in addition to speaking up and fighting for justice, to pray. 
This has also been a sharktivity during these awful times because when we feel helpless and unsure of the future, it’s the most basic thing we can do. We humans cause all kinds of terrible consequences thanks to our selfish ways and then blame God for all that happens (whether we believe in Him or not!). Well, thankfully, we feel a little hope, a little less lonely and a little grateful for what we have when we pray.
Let's pray that the world gets a little better with every struggle.
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