01 June, 2020

Sharktivity #24: Atlantic Weasel Shark finds its View-Master 3D (Couch series #2)

I have now enough sharktivities to fill calendars for the next two years (provided we all survive until then)! Now, how many of you have seen a View-Master? Millennials and later gens please don't answer. I've been showing my little nephew my old View-Master and he finds it as fascinating as his iPad so that gives me some hope. My parents got me several "knowledge building" reels and a couple of cartoon ones. Guess which ones are the most worn out?
The Atlantic Weasel shark (Paragaleus pectoralis) is one that I hardly find pictures of - I keep wanting to see photos of those amazing yellow streaks. There isn't much data on them either so they are listed as "data deficient" on the IUCN red list.
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