29 July, 2016

Global Tiger Day

I drew this in kind of a hurry so I apologise if my Tiger doesn't look real enough (either the Tiger Tiger or the Tiger Shark). Tigers are one of my favourite animals and it's simply amazing to see them in the wild. I really hope that people would do everything they can to make sure we keep seeing them in the wild for generations to come.
ps - In case you didn't notice, the Tiger couldn't help but roll its eyes.
Copyright (c) 2014 Gitanjali (Anju) Sabu. All rights reserved (At least, that's what the Copyright law says). Please don't steal or distribute my sketches unless you intend to make me famous. Or else, I'll have to feed you to the sharks, vipers and other fierce creatures.
Please don't copy, trace, steal or use these characters or the idea of these characters as your own. In case of fan art, please do not add anything to these characters. Thank you!