12 May, 2012

Movie theatre venting #5762 - They're probably just being considerate!

It's been a while since I vented about public entertainment spots and how consistently annoying they are. There hadn't been any improvement since my last post so obviously these people need a bit more persuading.
I honestly think that maybe the above explanation is why people do what they do at movie theatres. Either this or they're out to get me personally. It's happened at 95% of the movies I've watched here and the remaining 5% had people cheering constantly because they forgot for a second that they were in fact inside a theatre and not saving the world along with Batman or Spiderman or whoever.
The script I was trying to capture (without revealing too much) in the first panel was "The Hunger Games". There were these men sitting behind us who simply had to repeat every single thing that was happening on screen. It didn't make any sense as to why one would have to describe something to someone who was there too. That's when it hit me - this has to be the only feasible explanation. If not: my dear fellow countrymen, please try not to be so irritating in public.
Again, if any of you (who really are challenged in these functions) are offended by this, I am sorry. But the shark still doesn't care. It thinks you ought to stay home and watch a movie and have all the loud conversations you want.

ps - my last two strips were digitally done entirely! yay!
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