03 May, 2012

And the #1 cause for over-population is...

There are some "auspicious" months in a year when most households get flooded with wedding invites. People bring them with an odd sort of apologetic smugness with the compulsive need to ask us when it's our turn. And every time we get a new invite, my mother sighs because she probably feels that we're like some sort of rebels or freaks of society refusing to pay wedding dues or something, wondering when the revolution will end so that we too can shove these cards in people's faces. 
I, on the other hand, look at the sheer quantity of them and think "If there's ever a society in the world that probably needs to NOT get married and procreate, it's this one". 
Everyone seems almost confounded to see a zillion people at the cinema, malls, parks, beaches but they still continue to play out the above dialogues regularly in their lives!  [okay, so I may have exaggerated a teensy bit on the above scenarios]. 
I'm sorry if this offends anyone (I don't think The Shark cares though). 
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