17 April, 2012

Yes, staplers with sharks on them work better.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across these staplers and of course, I wanted them. They're quite expensive so I had to give up any hope of owning one. But my sister was like, "why do you need this stapler? you have other ones!" and I'm thinking "but none of them have sharks on them!". Even though they practicality may be the same, an item with some sort of added design gives it an additional edge over ones that don't. And if that added design imitates nature in any way, that makes it even better. I do have a pink hippo nail brush which I simply had to have when I was eight years old (I wonder why I bought it because I don't even like hippos that much).
I guess people have always had some sort of inclination towards man-made objects that are likenesses of other natural creatures. They're great fun as toys and tools for imagination - who wouldn't want a stapler that could eat your cat? - but I probably need to keep my "fondness" from turning into an obsession, huh? (Movies teach me so much!).
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