28 June, 2011

Eden Spa Treatments

I was taken for a facial at a fancy spa a couple of weeks ago. It started off well until all these different fruit stuff (gels, pastes, mash, smoothies etc) was smeared, un-smeared and re-smeared on my face. I haven't even voluntarily eaten that much fruit in my life.

Funny how the cucumbers seem to vary in size depending on the user. The way spa people describe things, they'd have to be magical. I'm probably the worst facial/[insert any treatment] participant ever. This is because I cannot lie/sit still for over five minutes if I'm not reading or watching tv (and having your eyes closed the entire time is worse) - I'll have to entertain myself somehow by imagining alien autopsies and Frankenstein experiments (and that's when I probably got this idea). Therefore, no matter how good the facial feels, I'll be tense all over and finicky with my hands and feet.
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