29 June, 2011

Arthritic love

One of my favourite movies is "Head over Heels" with Freddie Prinze Jr and Monica Potter. I don't know why I like it - it's really cheesy but I've seen it about a dozen times. In this movie, when one's knees give way, it is apparently a sign for being in love. Cheesy and silly but sometime I suppose we'd like it to be true. Anyway, unrelated to all this zibber zabber, this idea came to during a conversation with a friend (as do most of my original and self-imagined ideas). For some reason, when she mentioned how nice it would be to have someone who'd make us feel weak at the knees, all I could think of was being unable to stand or walk when I'm old just because my stupid knees refuse to be strong. Gosh.

Note to the silly man who will marry me eventually: I seem to be losing all ties and notions about romance so please hurry up before cynicism replaces my nervous system.  
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