02 November, 2009

Oh, Dakuwaqa!

I honestly don't know what to name it. I have about 30 names I like but nothing has really hooked me. Then I was watching an episode of "Bones" where someone said the word "Dakuwaqa" and I'm like what a cute word and it was simply brilliant that it meant what it does. That's where I got the title idea from. This way, one could express exasperation without taking the Lord's name in vain!
"Kaye" and "Haley" in the name suggestions refer to Danny Kaye and Bill Haley. My grandfather used to always play his "Rock around the clock" record (yes, we actually played records!) every morning after he awoke and once I got up, he'd switch to the "Danny Kaye sings for children" record which I absolutely loved.
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