17 November, 2009

Happy birthday to me!

I was told that I must do a sketch to commemorate the birthday. And since I hardly had time, I didn't think I could. But there are times when you'll have sudden bursts of energy especially when you're dead tired - apparently that's why kids get all hyper around their bedtime. So, once all my party people left and it was still a few minutes before midnight, I started on this and was done by 1am so I am quite proud of it. I did have the "married or dead" drama sometime this year - it should be on the regular blog somewhere.
Someone hardly a decade younger than me called me auntie. I'm trying to convince myself that it was because she forgot my name. But on the whole, I had an awesome birthday... I felt so very blessed with so much (people-wise). I didn't have a surprise party and get fooled this year as well but I did have a wonderfully wonderful one. I have much gratitude in my heart today. Okay, will stop with the mush.
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