26 October, 2009

No, I said I need to speak to the eligible doctor! Do you even know what eligible means in singlehood terms?

My mother actually did suggest that second idea. Don't be surprised if my arm is in a cast on my wedding day. Who cares about a few broken bones, scars or side-effects from random pills as long as you're married, right?
The first idea.. well, that would be a good one if one were trying to sift through all the doctors in town. I mean, you see a car with one of those stickers and you go "ooh, I wonder if it's a young, single, attractive one". I think I've done too much brain-storming.

Here's more wall-sitting. This isn't a stone wall though. I'm guessing it's a terrace wall. Another place my parents would freak out if they caught me sitting on.
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