26 October, 2009

I don't care how many times "you told me so"!

It's actually wearing one of those swimmer caps. It's details like that make all the difference. I can't decide whether to refer to it as "it" or "he" or "she". I think I just won't decide and use whatever seems apt for the moment. So much stress can be avoided by indecisiveness.
As one would guess, those are fishing boats out there. I couldn't decide if we were on a boat too or just sitting on a wall near the sea. Either way, my parents would probably scream if I sat on the edge like that.

I would probably never get a nose piercing. For various reasons. It took a lot to get me to get the extra ear piercings. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would but I think I'll just stick to getting shots or getting random blood tests done.

And yes, one could get fish hooks in their nostrils if they didn't heed warnings and wandered off into places that seem like their turf but aren't.
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