05 May, 2021

When it rains, it pours.


It's been a rough few months since I last posted. It's hard to draw when the situation in my country is heartbreaking. The covid-19 pandemic has taken an extreme turn with this new wave - you need to turn on the news (preferably not Indian media) to get a picture of the suffering and despair. And it's getting closer and closer. 

My good friend at Sharktopia encouraged me to draw something to resonate with that pain. So I took a drawing I did at Christmas and made a sort of "how it's going" drawing. It seems like a bleak drawing but we've always found ways to see hope in the midst of storms, rain and floods. As much as people are disillusioned and apathetic, there's something about human suffering that brings out the humanity in us (except for the ruling regime). Blessings come in showers and mercies come in a downpour. I hope we see much of that soon. Pray for India. 

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