08 April, 2020

Sharktivity #9: Whale Shark steals the show

The Whale Shark ((Rhincodon typus) stole the show from the whales, you guys! Get the subtle depth in this drawing? Yeah, I do stuff like that. That puppet is supposed to be a longsnout dogfish (Deania quadrispinosa). Why didn't I choose a sawshark, you ask? Well, this fella doesn't lie that much.
Copyright (c) 2014 Gitanjali (Anju) Sabu. All rights reserved (At least, that's what the Copyright law says). Please don't steal or distribute my sketches unless you intend to make me famous. Or else, I'll have to feed you to the sharks, vipers and other fierce creatures.
Please don't copy, trace, steal or use these characters or the idea of these characters as your own. In case of fan art, please do not add anything to these characters. Thank you!