03 March, 2018

World Wildlife Day 2018

World Wildlife Day is March 3rd and this year's theme is "Big cats: predators under threat". I wanted to do a bunch of Big Cat drawings but couldn't finish them in time so I will hopefully post them over this week. 
I love the Big Cats - BBC's documentary on them in 2016 was one of the best I've seen. I'd like to say I'm partial towards Tigers and Leopards because I've actually seen those in the wild but I love them all. I saw a jaguar in the zoo and I was in love with it. Then I saw a caracal and clouded leopard and fell in love with those. They're amazing animals and it's so incredibly sad that we could have pushed them to the brink of extinction. All for what? Some trophies? Fear of being attacked in their own territory? 

Did we really want a world without these in it? 
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