23 July, 2017

Shark Week 2017

Last year I attempted to draw a bunch of cartoons inspired by the episode titles and that was kind of fun. Even though they don't air here at the same time nor do I have a bunch of shark freaks to shark it out, I thought I'd do another series of episode themed cartoons. Even though the Michael Phelps one is probably the most talked about, I thought I'd start with Great White Shark Serial Killer lives.

It seems as if they continue to believe/hope that such titles captivate more people than one simply capturing the beauty and splendour of the Great White. It's stuff like this that creates headlines describing the basking shark as "terrifying". So here's my cartoon. Don't miss the eye roll.

#2 - Shark-Croc showdown
My favourite part of this is the "leather cleaner". It's those little things that make a difference.

#3 - Alien Sharks
Like how I made the space ships look like skates and rays? It's things like this that make me such an awesome cartoonist.

#4 - Sharks in the city
The episodes focus on NYC and LA but the title obviously is meant to remind you of "Sex and the city" right? So, voila! This was probably my favourite one to draw and I loved how it turned out.

#5 - The Lost Cage
They did make it sound like mysterious lost treasure, after all.

#6 - African Shark Safari
See how I "subtly" do a Madagascar reference?
(This is actually meant to be #7 but there's a slight glitch with the original #6. I'll explain later, perhaps.)

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