24 December, 2016

Sharknados and dreams!

I've never really swam with sharks or gone diving to see sharks and I made it my goal to do so before this year ended. I'd been dreaming of diving with Cristina Zenato for ages and I decided to plan such a trip this year. I started planning in April or May (and even got corrective eye surgery done to allow the right amount of resting time), found a travel buddy, accommodation, flights, solved the visa problem and planned other things to do in that part of the world. I did this drawing a week before I was scheduled to leave as a gift for Cristina. I got to the US and was preparing to head to Miami before flying to the Bahamas. And that's when Hurricane Matthew hit. The poor island was quite damaged and resorts were closed - I could have still braved it and gone on an adventure but by then I was quite disappointed (that's an understatement) at the failed plan. But that's just what it was - a plan thwarted by nature. It wasn't a broken dream because the dream is still very much alive and I hope I get to fulfil it soon.
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