02 March, 2015

Fifty Sharks of Grey Answered!

Here are answers to my Fifty Sharks! I retained the previous numbers although I had to move them around. When I make them into posters, I will put the numbers in order so that it doesn't drive me crazy thinking it's completely disorderly. I also had to correct the colouring on shark #10 (the Shyshark). I'm probably not very accurate on the colouring/shapes of many of these but I hope their activities would have given you a clue as to what they were.

The list of sharks are:
1. Graceful Shark
2. Spinner Shark
3. Sand Devil
4. Finetooth Shark (this isn't very obvious at all but I gave his teeth a little shine)
5. River Shark*
6. Carpet Shark*
7. Crocodile Shark (you can tell by the way it's peering out of the water, see?)
8. Salmon Shark
9. Gulper Shark*
10. Shyshark
11. Houndshark*
12. Whale Shark
13. Blacktip reef Shark
14. Lanternshark*
15. Gummy Shark (he's eating gummy bears!)
16. Catshark*
17. Balloon Shark
18. Grey Reef Shark
19. Mako Shark ('cos he's so fast)
20. Oceanic whitetip Shark
21. Caribbean reef Shark
22. Nervous Shark (I would confuse this with the Shyshark until I realised the colours were different)
23. Goblin Shark
24. Sawshark*
25. Angelshark*
26. Cookiecutter Shark
27. Porbeagle Shark
28. Dogfish Shark*
29. Great White Shark
30. Sandbar Shark
31. Weasel Shark*
32. Sandtiger Shark
33. Spadenose Shark
34. Megamouth Shark
35. Lemon Shark
36. Tope
37. Nurse Shark
38. Thresher Shark
39. Whiskery Shark
40. Bull Shark
41. Bullhead/Horn Shark*
42. Silky Shark
43. Tiger Shark (It's beautifully camouflaged behind grass!)
44. Bamboo Shark
45. Scalloped Hammerhead
46. Smooth Hammerhead
47. Dusky Shark
48. Pyjama Shark (having a pyjama party!)
49. Sleeper Shark*
50. Basking Shark

*There are many varieties in this type of shark. I just picked the greyest one and generalized it. Sorry if that was confusing.
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