21 April, 2014

Better things to do - Part 1

There are times (oftentimes) when we aren't as quick to respond to social calls and excuses are made when we can't make it for a reunion or family gathering or even reply to a voicemail/email/text message/ any of the zillion communication methods we have these days. The standard excuse is that you've been busy and usually people accept that because they use it too. However, sometimes some people actually ask you what you were actually up to. They come to learn that "I've been really busy" is the socially less offensive way of saying "there were times we could have caught up but I had better things to do".
Of course, it's good to sometimes actually take the time to be social so that you don't end up being a sociopath but it's also good not to get offended if someone would just rather read comic books.

I say "part 1" because I can think of many more and maybe if people sent in their excuses, I'd use a few of those too.
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