12 October, 2013

Redefining Beauty

People shouldn't have the right to dictate what’s “good” when it comes to beauty because they get bored with anything they call beautiful today and set new standards and everyone is expected to keep up with it. And it’s not fair when the expectations are unrealistic. Everyone’s different. Some claim to be “differenter” or want to be “differenter”. But at the end of the day most people want to fit in or belong and if they’re given vain criteria to do so, it ends up hurting them on so many levels.

It's sad that the idea of beauty has been distorted so much. It’s not surprising though – humans have a great knack of taking any good thing and warping it into an “anti” version. Then they crib about how awful everything is and come up with other warped up ideas as attempts to make things better. Like the whole system of dark skinned people not being as good as lighter skinned people – now they’re actually coming with products to “help” the darker skinned people become lighter skinned so that, you know, everything can be better.
So, which is easier to change - The Heart or The Skin? They’re both organs. They both are prone to disease. But in some way, the heart seems to make people behave a certain way or help convince the brain that certain things are right or wrong. It could be the heart that convinces people that its fellow organ, the skin, doesn’t define a person as much as the heart does. It’s the deceptive heart that tells you otherwise. Which brings us back to the question – do some people really have to change their skin just so that the rest of them need not have a change of heart?

Cartoon and post done for Women of Worth (WOW) as part of their "Redefining Beauty" campaign. 

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