07 September, 2013

To Kill a rocking-horse: Happy birthday to my dad!

It's my dad's birthday today so I drew (pen & pencil not tablet! :D) him this card. I have to explain the concept behind this. When my dad and his brother were kids (probably between 5 & 7 years old), they were apparently very naughty (and brave) - they'd run off into the garden to explore and claim they saw lions and tigers. 
One day, their grandfather bought them a brand new rocking-horse. Shortly after that, his parents left them at home for a little while and when they came back, they found the rocking horse missing its head and tail. The boys had used a blunt knife someone had given them (they needed weapons for their expeditions) to kill the "beast". 
These days, kids don't get such "dangerous weapons". Those days, it wasn't such a big deal and kids were disciplined if they behaved badly. The boys grew up to be surgeons not axe-murderers. 
Anyway, my grandmother still can't figure out how a blunt knife was able to chop up a wooden horse. My dad says it was "persistence". 
In case some of you are wondering, my dad has never hunted or condoned hunting of real-life big cats or endangered animals. He loves wildlife and the forests - and he got his not-so-brave kids to love them too. Happy birthday to my dad! :)

ps - My dad carries a torchlight everywhere he goes which is why the shark is holding one.
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