27 June, 2013

Keep your fins on: Shark fin soup vs human limb soup

I was asked to do a new anti-finning sketch and thought I'd do this one. I'd had this idea for an anti-sharkfin soup sketch for a while but had put it off because of the kind of morbid theme. Yes, even plastic looking limbs without even an indication of blood can make me go pale. This is why I haven't watched "Saw" or such movies. The last gory movie I watched was probably one of the Scream ones. These days, there's more focus on the gore and raunchiness than a story. It's no wonder there's so much killing and mutilation in the world. We really shouldn't be surprised at the heartlessness of it all... I just hope all of creation will one day be restored to what it is meant to be. 

I couldn't decide on the captions so I did three of them. Which one do you like the best?
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