28 December, 2012

2012: A shark's eye view

Well, it seems that I did complete all my goals for the year. I try not to make elaborate plans because they never seem to work out the way I intend them to.
Anyway... let's recap the year, shall we?

  • American Samoa became the most powerful shark protection territory.
  • Shark Week didn't get aired on Discovery Channel India which seemed to be another indicator for the whole "End-of-the-World" thing. The biggest indicator was the success of "Fifty shades of grey".
  • The World, as we know it, did not end. I was kind of looking forward to that bit of excitement ...things were getting a little dull. 
  • Megalodon may not be the Great White's ancestor.
  • "Oh, Dakuwaqa!" Facebook page reached over 600 likes and actually got over 100 shares for the Christmas card! (would have been slightly disappointed if the World had ended at 99 shares).
  • Had a sketch made into a card for Congratulafins and another sketch translated into Chinese! 
  • Did a few sketches for a couple of other shark conservation organisations - Hjelp Havets Haier and Shark Defenders.
  • Sharks did not really swim around people's backyards after hurricane Sandy. 
  • Started an experimental store on Zazzle.
  • Did not get bitten by any leeches this year. Came close though. 
  • Switched to digital drawing with Intuos 4!
  • Finally bought a Kindle. It's not the Beast's library but I love it.
  • My mother probably thinks I should be out looking for a husband and not doodling sharks. 
  • Did not get a pony this year either. 
  • I made shepherd's pie all by myself. But I was too nervous to taste it. Everyone else said it was nice though. (cooking is not something I do for fun). 
  • I'm not yet tired of receiving shark-related gifts or links on my wall. 
  • It's strange that I can't think of much else. But it's been an eventful and memorable (even though I can't remember much of it) year... I'm very grateful for everything good and bad that's happened to me. I'm a bit more grown up than I was last year.
Happy New Year, everyone! Have a wonderful 2013!
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