04 September, 2012

Soak in laughter!

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase "Soak no more"? That is the question Surf asked. At first, I couldn't think of anything other than soaking clothes prior to washing them but that would be a bit too bland and direct and my characters would have hated me.

Then I thought about tea bags.  The fun tea infusers (especially the sharky one) makes tea bag dipping and soaking seem rather boring comparatively. It would be really cool to have interesting new ways to achieve what soaking would otherwise do.
Living in Southern India, one can't help but know what it's like to be soaked in sweat (and sometimes rain). The heat doesn't bother you as much (even though we didn't have air-conditioning) when you're a child because you found innovative ways to cool off. Like water sprinklers meant for the lawns or water guns or hoses or even a make-shift "pool" made out of whatever you found.

And finally, one that stays true to the theme of my comic.  Yeah, yeah poor bunny.
Well, my advice is that if you're going to get soaked, soak in humour and/or goodness.

This post is for the Surf #Soaknomore contest on Indiblogger.
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