21 August, 2012

The trouble with arranged marriages

So, I did it again. I entered another contest - wrote an actual blog post and even did this comic for it and everything! This time it wasn't really for the prizes but I've written so much about a related topic that I felt I simply had to.

It's an interesting and tricky subject because while "arranged" marriages seem to work oftentimes and end up disastrous at other times (as do "love" marriages) people see it as the opposite of choice. People are being set up with other people by other people all over the world but nobody refers to that as being "arranged", do they? I guess it's gotten the reputation of being forcibly set up by two families who see it as if it's like a profitable breeding of livestock.
If you ask me for the link to the article the shark is reading, I'll probably be vague about it.
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