15 August, 2012

Independent, are we?

Yes, we Indians sincerely love flattering other people's ideas (read: imitating). Today is our Independence Day and I wasn't really going to do a post but then I was reminded to pray for my country and thought "hmm, what needs to change?". I'm probably too much of a coward to say everything in the politically incorrect terms I thought them in but here are some of them. I feel that a country that fought so hard to win freedom and has the kind of resources it has, ought to be a super-power by now. But it seems far from it and our biggest obstacle is ourselves.
We simply don't care probably because we don't see change overnight and then get discouraged. We may not see change in our lifetime but we're still supposed to do everything that is right for each other and for the land we call ours. Then we can extend it across the globe and we'll be one united world fit for war against the aliens.
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