25 June, 2012

"Thank you" to my 500 (and counting) fans!

I had actually drawn this out when I was 14 fans short of 400 and as usual I procrastinated. Who would've thought I'd reach 500 fans? I'm so thankful to everyone single one of you who like my Facebook page. This seemed like good post to mark the 500 milestone. Imagine how grateful I'd be if I had a thousand fans!
Notice how my sketches can't seem to decide what shade or pencil stroke to go with. It's terrible how I play around with them and post them whichever way they turn out, isn't it?  I'm trying to find a good pencil look (because I do miss the old fashioned ones) to stick with and also an inked+colour version but if I'm lucky enough to get a decent looking output, I stop before I ruin it completely.
Anyway, thanks again, you guys!
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Please don't copy, trace, steal or use these characters or the idea of these characters as your own. In case of fan art, please do not add anything to these characters. Thank you!