18 May, 2012

Now, THIS is "A whole new world"!

Ever since the internet entered our lives full-time (remember aol?) and we could be a whole different person with an active social [media] life, it's taken over so much of our daily routines.
Now that I've finally got a dumb smart phone that works, I get very excited when I'm around wi-fi areas or my vodafone mobile internet connection is on. While I used to check my email/social media sites maybe a dozen times a day, it's probably more like several dozen times an hour now. 
There are several reasons why internet on-the-go has become necessary. For instance, now, I can wake up in the middle of the night wondering what that actor's name was or how do I spell "cemetery" and find out with my imdb.com and dictionary.com apps! Or if I'm waiting for hours for someone at a restaurant (I like being there 5 minutes before agreed time and most people follow GMT while in India), I can watch silly parodies on youtube or play "words with friends" (and check dictionary.com at the same time!). 
This seemingly random post is my entry for the Indiblogger  "Internet is fun" contest sponsored by http://www.vodafone.in/fun

ps - I actually tried posting this via my mobile but my many accounts confused me.

pps - yes, I caved in and entered a contest. I'm such a sell-out. :D
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