24 February, 2012

Oops maybe that's what happened to my Prince

I just found this one I'd done back in January and forgotten to upload or possibly waiting for an opportune moment. 
I'm not one to promote any black art stuff so I have to explain. Wanting to turn people into frogs (I should have said toads) was a thought I had now and then in my younger years, being a fan of "Bewitched" (and other fairytale witches) where Endora would threaten to turn Darren into a toad every time he annoyed her. Reading this now makes me wonder if people would get the idea that I [want to] kiss people and turn them into slimy creatures! As much as that would seem to be the case, it's not. 
I must've been annoyed at something on the day I drew this. But give me five minutes and the sentiment would be applicable again.

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