18 February, 2012

Completely fair?

This is the second strip I did for the "Beauty beyond colour" campaign by Women of Worth. (My earlier strip can be found here. )
Sometimes I wonder why the Great White shark is called that when it is white only on its lower side. I guess it's because the poor little seal sees only a flash of white before it becomes a sealwich. hahaha.
Okay, onto the issue at hand.. most adverts today are so utterly nonsensical that I think this sort of lying needs to be made illegal. "Microbeads", "oil pearls", "Active fresh power cells" and such fictional ingredients go into consumer products telling people that their very real problems will be taken care of if they use their miraculous products. 
They can't even truly fix damaged hair or make people age backwards or cure dandruff. So how did they manage to convince people that their products can change really dark skin into shades lighter? Don't they feel bad when they see people buy fairness creams/masks/sunscreens in hopes that they'll become more popular or super stars? 
Why can't they tell people to aim for healthy (not "healdhy") looking skin instead? (Didn't we learn in school at some stage that the melanin in our skin protects us from harmful UV rays?). There are people out there who find different shades/ features attractive and that's why it is UNfair to treat certain shades as beauty norms. 
How about we first demand that ad slots not be more than 2 minutes? These companies seem to have enough money to throw at airtime and don't care about my our TV watching time. 
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