10 November, 2011

Conspiracy theories and ideas to rule the nation: Population Control

Today's post is of a grave nature (despite being made to look humorous). It took me a while to draw, write and think about posting it for fear due to what I've said on the last panel. And before you accuse me of portraying my country in a "bad light" to the outside world, allow me to say that this message is for us, my fellow country-person.
Anyway, I hear so many complaints (and contribute to the complaining) about various things that are wrong with the nation but it just seems to be getting worse and I'm starting to think whether maybe this is the plan after all.

Road accidents cause a huge number of deaths in our country. I'll get you the exact figures.
I've heard of 2 cases this week of people falling into manholes and dying.
I've heard numerous poorer women cry about their drunken husbands beating them up and spending all their money to drink more. This last month one of their husbands died because of this.
Still not something to be concerned about?

ps - more such theories to come
pps - if I'm killed or thrown in jail, it's because I care. So there.
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