12 October, 2011

Hmm..what could be scarier than "Jaws"?

This poster would be awesome in colour! I just need to learn how to colour. And draw those bubble burst messages. Oh how the tables have turned for poor old Jaws. I figured I wouldn't be the first one to think of this and sure enough, I found this poster (looks way better than mine, of course). I think it's quite a good anti-shark-eating message.
I actually liked "Jaws" - it was a well made creature movie. It's sad that people took one look, freaked out about sharks and deemed them evil. That's like watching "Cujo" and deciding that all dogs are evil.
I do hope that the people who made the new "Piranha" don't do a remake of "Jaws" though. That movie was simply awful... way too gory (and most of the gore wasn't even because of the fish), too much nudity and profanity (I won't be able to let my kids watch and enjoy it like I did with "Jaws"?) - yeah, those things are a bit over-rated. If you need those to sell a movie, you must be extremely untalented.
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