22 September, 2011

Fishbook.com - unlike, unfriend and unaccept!

Yes, I notice numbers on my friendlists. It's not that pathetic. I have this "phantom" friend on my facebook friendlist - one day I have x number of friends and the next day it's x-1 or x-2 and then it's back to x! It's annoying to not know who has unfriended you. If I had just 10 friends, I'd know.
It's hard to spend quality time with hundreds of people... I could only do about 5 per day (on one of those "happy mood" days). That's why I'm bewildered when I see people's friendlists with over a thousand friends. No! I'm not jealous.

ps - I know that "unaccept" is not a word.
pps - How had I missed using this particular pun before? Oh yeah, 'cause it's really bad.
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