21 May, 2011

One gigantic digestive system

I'd drawn these images (and several more) back in April but didn't get the time to actually finish the comic sequence. By the time I'd gotten around to it, I'd actually forgotten what I was going to write about. Thankfully, I had jotted down some dialogue in my notebook. The idea of the human race being one big digestive tract made laugh out loud. My dad would enjoy this analogy because he's a gastroenterologist and a bit of a cynic.
I know that the first panel has a lot of words, but it's all true. I go on twitter and millions of voices are bashing people who voice their opinion about the destructive nature of porn and such. It almost seems as if there's a force out there trying to manipulate humans into thinking what's good is bad and what's bad is good, doesn't it?
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