01 April, 2011

They should get squirrels to assemble gadgets instead.

I had to vent my anger and frustration about my not-yet-a-year-old Apple laptop crashing again and being told by the service people that it was just a software problem (which isn't under warranty, of course!).
I realised that I have to mentally prepare myself for the day when every gadget I own will collapse. It will most likely be the day after the warranty expires. I'm convinced that the whole "testing" phase of electronics is to find out how long (time=t) something works and then make sure product development people set the warranty as (t-x) days.

ps - the title could've also be used with a far more hilarious situation which only came to mind after I typed it. Squirrels assembling computers...hahaha. It's funny 'cos it's squirrels. So there.
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