13 April, 2011

Child Sexual Abusers should be eaten!

This is supposed to be Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month. I'm a bit late!
In a country that is on fire for fighting corruption, this would be a good time to recognize that child abuse corrupts the souls, hearts and minds of our child and if this is allowed to continue, India will never be free of corruption.
I'd talked about this issue several times on my old blog. You can read it for a more in-depth/ less "censored" opinion.
I pray that this cause will be taken up and that no sex offender/ pedophile will be allowed to hurt our children ever again.

ps - The whole cuckoo-cannibal bit of the conversation actually happened. My father was telling me about how cuckoos are rude birds with terrible social manners and they do happen to taste great so you feel pretty good about eating them. So I asked him if maybe that's how cannibalism started. He found that amusing and maybe even plausible.
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