30 March, 2011

Maybe this ought to be taught alongside Physics.

I'd done this one some time before Women's day - I think Dowry's still an issue in India despite the laws against it. It takes more than laws to change the minds of people. I've heard school boys saying it's okay if they bum around because eventually they can just live off their dowry income. I've heard people saying they want brides from certain communities because the parents of girls from there compete with each other to give more money to whoever will take their daughter. Yeah, it's simply amazing how so many things have been manipulated from being beneficial to women to being against them.
Anyway, I'd helped out at a Women's day event with the Women of Worth and they had this "Wall of Change" where anyone could write about things women have accomplished or things that needed to change. There were several notes about getting rid of the dowry system. I know that more and more people find it disgusting (yay!) but we still have a long way to go.
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