30 March, 2011

Intelligence vs Stupidity - Is it even a fair fight?


I completely agree with these thoughts. I'm never allowed to have high hopes for people and progress and some sort of decent governance.
Simple example - a guest wanted to post some of her things back to her country so that she could reduce baggage weight. Our post office said that they were not sending parcels out of the country because it's that time of the month year. I wonder if these people have thought these things through. If this is a security measure, how does sending stuff like clothes etc affect the elections (besides, just invest in a scanner!)? If people wanted to send incriminating documents out, they could simply fed-ex them out. Criminals have plenty of money anyway. It's almost as if this is one giant conspiracy to deliberately stay stupid.

ps - In case frame 2 isn't clear enough: We have these wonderful people who give us the joy of parking themselves right outside an open gate/entrance and remain completely oblivious to anyone who wish to pass. It will also be interesting to note that most animals on the road - dogs,cats, maybe not cows, - move out of the way when they see an approaching vehicle. But the supposedly most intelligent of them all needs to be honked out of the way.
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