08 February, 2011

Public message #2: Driving & Road rules

There are a lot of things that annoy me about the way we treat our country. Like the lack of respect for public property, other people, natural beauty and resources. It's as if we Indians have started settling for less than what we ought to be. I was on the train recently and there were cockroaches everywhere and no one seemed to be bothered. People piss on our roads and spit everywhere as if they are unaware that people usually spit on something they are disgusted with. 
Does India come with a big sign that says "Spit here"? (I need to do a doodle for that!)
How did we reach that state of mind where we allow our quality of life to be this pathetic?
Anyway, as I was saying, a lot of things about our attitudes annoy me. One of them is the absolutely stupid and unbelievably disrespectful way we treat our roads and driving.  I mean, some of them actually are in a hurry to be organ donors! (Not an original line - stole it from my dad). Since I use my comic to vent, here goes. 

I'm not insulting India, just us Indians. We need to stop insulting India. How's this for a belated Republic day message?

ps - I don't know how the shark suddenly got to teach as if in a classroom. I thought the glasses would make it look smart! 
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