05 January, 2011

Dear Penpal,remember me? muahahaha.

While visiting a friend recently, she showed me some old "Target" magazines and I remembered how much we enjoyed it back then when we didn't really have many young peoples' magazines to choose from. I also remember that they had penpal columns through which I had a few penpals from across the country. It was so exciting to get letters from friends even though you'd never met them.
Then we realised that there is NO way we'd give out our home addresses in a public forum like that these days. Somewhere between then and now, the world became less innocent & safe and more cynical and predatory. While human nature probably hasn't changed much, I see how much more widespread evil has become and thereby increasing paranoia everywhere! It's a shame that penpals have become obsolete or that e-pals/facebook pals isn't really a replacement.

ps - The human has shoes in frame 2 but not in frame one because this is happening later. That's why.
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