20 October, 2010

Must love Sharks.

Meanwhile, somewhere else....

I actually do get stupid text ads from matchmaking sites telling me that they have a special offer just for the day. I get this almost 3 times a month. I hear that Matchmaking sites seem to attract several stalkers, but that's a different story. I also feel as if I mustn't respond to those who describe ideal partner as beautiful, fair, educated, spiritual, kind, caring, loving and so on because that's just way too much pressure! And also because I'm paranoid that the one who seeks these qualities is usually trying to make up for lack of these qualities in themselves.
Anyway, I'm quite certain that if I wrote down that I liked sharks, most people would think I'm some sort of nut, others would think that I like eating sharks and the rest wouldn't even read it or care.

ps - I missed out on the words "next" after each read-out and just realised that it sounds as if  all the descriptions are of that poor reptile guy!
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