30 September, 2010

Tell me I am what I say I am!

The other day my mum said that I should have been born a dolphin or a whale so that I could just sort of swim about and do nothing without a care in the World. For some strange reason, there was this vague feeling of being insulted.
And last night I was called a squid. Not funny. It's as if she deliberately names every other sea creature.
I used to be addicted to those personality tests (what kind of dog are you, what colour are you) on that one site (can't even remember what it's called). I'd be happy when the result was something I liked, if not I'd take it again.
Those things never work because we usually answer with what we want to be or think we are. Also, the options are limited to whoever wrote the program. If he was a lazy squid, he wouldn't have included half of the more suitable answers.
It's also funny how we sometimes look to others for answers about ourselves when we probably already have some clue.
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