12 February, 2010

Souvenirs of a me-date.

I love those photo-booth photo sequences people do (usually to synopsize a great day in movies). I don't have any of myself though. Probably because most of my photogenicness (my spellchecker says that this is not a valid word. Somehow "spellchecker" made it into the dictionary. It sounds like it has more to do with witchcraft than with checking your spelling) has been stolen. And also because every time I've come across such a photo-booth, I've been alone and while shopping alone or going to the cinema alone* appeals to me, taking pictures of myself  in a photo-booth does not. I do set limits to the patheticness. I can't believe that's not a word either. So many words that sound like legitimate words are not.

*Anyway, yes, I do like going on "dates" with myself. It's good to have some self-time to think about things or do things that you can't with other people around because you don't want to waste their time or need to worry about them being bored.
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