08 February, 2010

Normal people would have just given you a card.

This is probably the longest and most complicated (character-wise) strip I have done. It's quite painful to draw so many creatures. But this was for my friend's birthday and it works out to be a pretty cheap gift (kidding!). For those who are wondering how/what/why this bizarre concept, allow me to de-confuse you. My friend has been very difficult to anthropomorphize (if that's a word). And she gives me a hard time about not doing any sketches with her in it! Then there happened a facebook discussion about the kind of animal she would be and some of the random suggestions were "fish" and then "An armadillo! No, a cockatoo! No, wait -- a slice. of cheese." Thus was conceptualized the Armacockafishadillo. Which I thought would be kind of interesting to attempt. Oh yes, there's the cockages bit which if I don't explain could sound a bit dirty. The above mentioned friend has these little fingers that made me laugh out loud so much when I first saw them. I was like "hahaha, they're like cocktail sausages... we could name them cockages for short (no pun intended)!"



Anyway, I was quite happy with the way it turned out and then had the nagging feeling that it looked very pokemonish. I hope it's not my subconscious awareness of a pokemon creature that surfaced! I don't really have a goldfish that I pretend is Igor while I create characters. I tried having an aquarium once but that fizzled, literally, when I thought my fish would like a warm water bath.

I was supposed to do a "An Armadillo and cockatoo cross with cheese in its mouth being attacked by a wolf-squirrel cross with wine in its glass" but I shall save that for later.

ps - The fish part of the armacockafishadillo is that it has scales. I didn't want to add fins or puffy lips. I also labeled the fish bit as "tuna" so as not to confuse it with the goldfish. I wish I could draw fish a bit better.
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